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Since its inception, we have been fortunate enough to hear from dozens of prominent Harvard faculty, local business leaders, and alumni as part of our "Meet the Scholar" speaker series. Topics ranged from public policy to the fine arts and beyond. In celebration of the Graduate Common's 15th anniversary, we are excited to announce the theme for the 2024 Meet the Scholar series: Turning Strangers into Neighbors.

Join us as renowned Harvard scholars share diverse perspectives through intimate discussions on building inclusive communities, the power of urban design, immigrant and refugee journeys, and the future of technology in work and education. These gatherings, hosted by our Faculty Directors in common spaces, offer a unique opportunity to engage directly with brilliant minds outside of a traditional classroom setting. 

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2024 Meet the Scholars

MTS2024 Background.png

MTS Schedule

Nancy Hill and Rendall Howell host Professor Tyler S. VanderWeele (HSPH)

February 28th at 7:00 PM  | 5 Cowperthwaite Common Room

Registration Opens: February 9th 


Grace La and James Dallman host Professor Jerold S. Kayden (GSD)

March 21st at 6:30 PM  | 10 Akron West Common Room 

Registration Opens: March 1st


Todd Rogers and Sara Dadkah host Professor Sabrineh Ardalan (HLS)

March 26th at 7:00 PM | 29 Garden Common Room 

Registration Opens: March 8th


Vinny Manoharan and Michelle Carter host Professor Peter Q. Blair (HGSE)

April 17th at 7:00 PM | Peabody Terrace Common Room 

Registration Opens: March 29th

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